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320+ GB Hard Disk Memory Options

Item Code: 27X0400

  • Use a hard disk to buffer print jobs, collate large jobs or to store forms, fonts or macros
  • These key functions are enabled when an optional hard disk is installed:Job Building, Printer lockout, storage used by Application Solutions such as FormsMerge Job Buffering (print spooling), email spooling, font and macro storage, User-based billing, Job Park (through a power-off and power-on cycle), hard disk-related administration (Disk wiping, Disk encryption, Disk diagnostics)
  • The 'Disk Encryption' function provides a randomly generated encryption key used to encrypt all data stored on the hard disk
  • This key generated by each printer is unique to that specific printer
  • With 'Printing Lockout', a disk may also be locked with a user PIN
  • This prevents any submitted jobs from printing
  • All held jobs are stored on the hard disk until it is unlocked
  • 'Disk Encryption' should be used with this setting.


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