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MarkNet N8230 Fiber Ethernet Print Server

Item Code: 27X0142

  • The MarkNet N8230 is an internal print server that allows direct connection of a Lexmark printer or MFP to a fiber optic network
  • It is compatible with two Ethernet over multi-mode fiber standards: 100BASE-FX or 1000BASE-SX
  • Support the ultimate in communication bandwidth and security: fiber optic networking
  • The Lexmark MarkNet? N8230 Fiber Ethernet Print Server supports network communications at the highest level of speed and security by interfacing one of two LC-standard fiber ports with your supported Lexmark device?s internal Ethernet connection at full-duplex megabit (100Base-FX) or gigabit (1000Base-SX) fiber speeds
  • Fiber optics have greater electromagnetic immunity, eliminating the chance of radio frequency interference in electrically ?noisy? environments such as a factory or warehouse
  • And since fiber optic systems do not radiate electromagnetic signals like copper transmission lines, even sophisticated electronic methods of intercepting information won?t work
  • Install the card in your supported Lexmark device without external boxes or adapters
  • You get fiber connectivity in a single, easily installable internal card, shipped in configurations that support many Lexmark devices (see specifications), including appropriate adapters and documentation
  • The print server supports SNMPv3, IPSec and 802.1x authentication data encryption for communication security in all supported printers and MFPs
  • Advanced functions such as VLAN filtering packet processing provide added speed.


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