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Surge Protective Device, 220-240V Connectivity

Item Code: SPD0002

  • Smart surge protection for Lexmark laser printers and MFPs
  • Avoid damage from power line and telecom surges with the Lexmark Surge Protective Device, designed specifically for Lexmark?s full line of laser printers and MFPs.Using industrial-grade components, the Lexmark Surge Protective Device shuts off damaging current spikes before they can reach your Lexmark laser printer or MFP
  • Telecom lines can carry device-damaging surges too, so our surge protector stands guard on the fax line going into your Lexmark MFP
  • Unlike typical consumer-grade surge protectors, the Lexmark Surge Protective Device's printed circuit board has two layers of glass fiber for better flame resistance, plus thicker two-ounce copper plating to better spread and dissipate heat
  • There?s also insulating tape and fiberglass component covers for an additional layer of heat protection during a surge event
  • Lexmark?s specially-designed surge protector enclosure offers higher flame resistance than many consumer surge protectors
  • Plus, it has reinforced insulation construction with double retention features and is welded shut to resist tampering
  • Thermal cut-off fuses reduce the chance of short circuits if a sustained or exceptionally large surge causes internal component temperature to rise to undesirable levels
  • The built-in, five-foot (1.5-meter) IEC appliance coupler cord attaches directly to a Lexmark device?s power connector, while the appliance inlet accepts your Lexmark device?s existing power cord
  • A blue LED indicates protection when lit and need for replacement when unlit.


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